Moments of Art, Design, and Therapy

Muuds is a collection of artistic lifestyle products designed to enhance the ambience of your home, refresh your mood and relax your mind. It explores the range of human emotions and moods by offering thoughtful products that are dynamic, colourful and sensual. Through the use of innovative techniques, we aspire to create unique, practical pieces that engage your senses and help you appreciate the beauty around you.


We believe that when you feel more, you live more. Because we share your passion for living, our innovation and design solutions aim to promote personal wellbeing and enhance your mood through the creative use of sensual elements.


We have been recognized for applying new ideas and cutting-edge innovation to our design product. We are proud of all the awards and acclamation we have received.

Colour Bloom Scent Diffuser
Design Excellence Award (Demark), Thailand 2018
Winner in Lifestyle Product Category